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PRO-MIX Premium Low Maintenance Grass Seed 7 lbs

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You find maintaining a lawn requires a lot of time and effort Try PRO-MIX Premium Low Maintenance Grass Seed! Whether in a sunny or shady area of your yard, this 5 in 1 mix will grow a nice green lawn. No need to be a lawn maintenance expert! This product contains premium grass seed, Surestart™ nutrient coating for a fast start, Moisture Boost Plus™ for better water absorption, an active nutrient blend for thicker, deeper roots, and Soil Booster™ for a richer soil and healthier lawn. The perfect choice for homeowners who want a worry-free lawn and more time on their hands.

  • Almost takes care of itself
  • Requires less mowing, less feeding and less watering
  • Fluffy roots that are deeper and thicker
  • Perfect for: New lawns, overseeding and spot repair